About Housing Division


Mission Statement

The  Georgia Works Housing Division mission is to assist low income citizens, homeless individuals, families, and returning citizens to get stable housing with support services. Georgia Works Housing Division is committed to assisting in providing the Lifestyle you dream of.

Georgia Works Housing Division is organized exclusively for Charitable and Educational purposes providing charitable service to the general public in the state of Georgia. 

Barriers Towards Housing

Barriers to getting into an apartment include:

– Passing a credit check

– Passing a background check

– One month security deposit

– First month rent in advance

– Last month rent in advance

– Furniture

– Separate agreement with the power company

– Committing to a one or two year term

– Managing multiple roommates who have multiple jobs and schedules and who might have to leave early

– Managing utilities, furniture, and security deposits with multiple roommates

HTI Eliminates Barriers To Housing By:

– Eliminating the need for tenants to pay upfront security deposits

– Eliminating the need to have a separate agreement with the power company

– Providing fully furnished apartments

– Provided short-term, flexible housing options that match the individual’s needs

– Managing roommates, move-outs and sub-tenants 

Our Solution:

Georgia Works Housing Division provides modern shared housing fully furnished apartments and rooms to people who would otherwise find it difficult to obtain clean, safe and affordable housing with a simple fixed monthly payment which allows you to focus on your career, savings, education  and a wonderful place to call home.. 

Many people find it difficult or impossible to secure their own apartments. Barriers that might seem small to some people are overwhelming and insurmountable.  This is because apartment owners and operators are not set up to meet or serve people who have these barriers to housing.

Examples Of Housing

“Meeting people where they are to get them a place to live.”